Roof Damage Is More Common Than You Might Think–Here’s What To Look Out For

Our roof is one of the most important components of our entire house. It protects us from the elements, it keeps critters out, and it ensures that our home is nice and warm. However, few people realize just how much wear and tear our roof suffers, especially during cold and windy seasons. Our roof gets battered with all kinds of debris, and it’s common for shingles and tiles to crack and fall off under high temperatures.

But despite this, a lot of people fail to check their roof or even consider it as a potential point of failure in their homes. So in this post, we’re going to list a few things to look out for that will indicate there is damage on your roof.

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Are there shingles or tiles falling off?

If there are roof tiles and shingles falling off your roof then this is a pretty clear sign that there’s damage. One of the problems with an issue like this is that it usually means there are lots of shingles that are reaching that failure point–it’s just that only one of them has finally given in. You can bet that there are probably dozens, if not hundreds of shingles that are weak and just ready to crack and peel off your roof. The gap left behind by a broken shingle might also lead to more damage as it means water can seep in, and there may even be pests that take advantage of the opening.

In short, pay close attention to any missing shingles and tiles on your roof. One loose shingle can be the precursor to even more roof damage if you’re not careful. Inspect it carefully and be prepared to replace several shingles–especially if your roof is rather old.

Are there leaks or visible water damage in your attic?

If you’ve ever been up to your attic when it’s raining and noticed dripping water, then that’s a serious sign that you should take note of. Any kind of water damage that comes from your roof usually means that there’s a breach somewhere. It could be caused by general wear and tear, a poor roof installation, or even rodents damaging your roof. As the water seeps into the structure of your home, it can cause the wood to rot and may lead to mold and other issues.

Seek out a roof repair as soon as possible. Leaks will only get worse over time, especially if there’s a rainy season coming up. The structural damage that it can cause will be devastating to your home, and it’s best to sort this out as soon as you can.

Do you notice your roof sagging?

In some older homes, it’s not uncommon to see a roof sagging or drooping. This is also possible in homes that have been poorly designed, or if there have been failed home repairs that have damaged the structure of the home. In cases like this, you’ll want to examine the roof as soon as possible to assess the damage and look for a potential fix. A sagging roof can be dangerous as it might lead to a complete collapse, and it usually means that the roof is already compromised.


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