Securing Your Home – The Easy Way

You know that home security is a big deal, we know that securing your house against burglars and thieves is a HUGE deal. But when was the last time that you did a security check in your house? When was the last time you upgraded your window locks and door locks? It’s important that you do regular checks on your home so that you can keep up to date with the latest security measures to keep you all safe.

Your house is your castle and the two places that anyone trying to get into your home will use is the doors and the windows. Knowing that you have a trusted locksmith on speed dial should anyone break in where they shouldn’t be breaking in is vital for the continued safety of your house. Below, we’ve put together some of the easiest ways that you can ensure that your home is secure.

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  • Check The Doors. As we said, you need to be on top of the locks on your doors to know that you are definitely protected. When they work properly, burglars and thieves should be instantly deterred from even attempting to break in. Improve the security of your front door with peepholes and a CCTV system outside the door. You can then see in advance who is outside your home, and you can choose to let them in or not. The right CCTV system and video camera will ensure that you are also able to track anyone attempting to get into your house! You can further protect your front and back doors by ensuring that you don’t have smashable glass installed in the panels. Hollow doors are also out, so use wood and metal instead! These are not easy to kick in and you can buy a door jamb reinforcement kit to ensure that they are strong.
  • Replace Your Locks. Once a decade, have a locksmith come to the home and replace the back and front door locks. Not only do you want to ensure that any previous keyholders don’t have a copy of the key, you can ensure that no one has taken an impression of the door lock in the meantime and are looking to create their own key.
  • Install Security Systems. We’ve talked about CCTV, but this is a must. You want to have a live video feed to your house because if your home is ever compromised, you can go back and look at the footage to catch the culprit. This will help you to keep your community abreast of anyone trying to get in, too.
  • Clear The Yard. If you ensure that your yard is clear of shrubs and bushes, you’ll be able to guarantee that no one is hiding in the greenery outside the house. High hedges may offer privacy from the world, but they also offer excellent spots in which someone with no morals can hide to watch your home. Don’t give anyone that chance! Clearance is key for your security!




  1. Wonderful article! Thanks for sharing the information.
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  2. Thanks for reminding me that installing a CCTV system in every house is a must. However, my father lives alone and is also visually impaired. I wonder if there are certain systems that can cater to his current condition and still provide the same amount of security.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that we must have a locksmith to replace the locks of our doors every decade. As you said, this will ensure that previous keyholders will not have any access to the house anymore. I will definitely do that to ensure the safety of my family. This house we just moved in is almost 10 years old now ever since it was built, so I might call a locksmith any time soon to have our locks replaced.

  4. Hello there! These are great home security suggestions!
    Investing in a security system can save you a lot of money, time, and nerves!

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