The 4 Best Interventions For Chronic Pain

Everyone will experience some pain in their life, but only a minority will have truly chronic pain. If you have chronic pain, then it is something that you are going to need to learn some techniques for dealing with, as otherwise there is a strong chance it can take over your life. It might be caused by an illness, injury or some combination of the two. But whatever the cause, there are some things you can do to ensure you are managing it a lot more effectively – so let’s take a look at what the best interventions for chronic pain might be right now.

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Gentle Exercise

We used to think that keeping still was important for your body when you are in pain. But we now know that this is one of the worst approaches you can possibly take. In fact, it is almost always better to move around as much as you can, but bear in mind that this might be in a limited manner if you are in a lot of pain. Essentially, you should try to do regular exercise, but make sure that it is gentle exercise, and not something that is going to cause you too much pain and strain.

Medical Assistance

Sometimes you just have to have some medical help, and it’s important to know when that might be. Essentially, if you are worried or you think that the pain is not manageable on your own, it’s vital that you don’t leave it alone, but that you rather seek out the relevant intervention that might be helpful for you. Remember too that you are owed a certain amount from medical staff, and if they mistreat you or worsen the pain you can always seek the help of medical malpractice lawyers as necessary. All in all, however, medical intervention is normally extremely helpful.

interventions for chronic pain

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Physical Therapy

A lot of people with chronic pain end up needing physical therapy in order to deal with their pain and the underlying issues, so this is something that you might want to look out for as well. Often, physical therapy is the best way to make sure that you are actually getting to a better place with regard to your pain, and while the process can be slow, with the right therapist it can also be extremely effective in the long run. You’ll find that it is much better than trying to go without it.


When you can’t do anything more to ease the pain, you can always adopt a more mindful attitude in order to transform your approach to pain in general. This is something that a lot of sufferers of chronic pain end up having to do, whether or not they think of it as mindfulness, but a specific daily mindfulness practice is certainly going to help you out here. You’ll be able to have more equanimity in the face of whatever pain arises, and that is a very powerful and useful skill to have, particularly if you have a lot of pain.


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  1. Good article and goos tips here! Thank you for reminding us that there’s a moment when a person shouldn’t continue to be treated on his own and should go for medical help. Self-treatment as well as natural remedies are good, but can lead to a disastrous outcome if they are abused.

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