The 7 Best US States For Mountain Lovers

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The US has no shortage of impressive peaks. Whether you’re looking to do some skiing, go mountain-climbing or take in the views from the ground, there are plenty of states that you can visit to satisfy your love of mountains. But which states have the best choice of mountains? This post lists 7 of the best states for mountain lovers. 


Colorado is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and consequently has some pretty iconic mountain attractions. Some may regard it as the country’s best state for mountains. 

It’s here you’ll find the historic ski resort town of Aspen with its high end restaurants and boutique stores. It’s also here that you’ll find world-famous hill climb Pikes Peak (the world’s highest cog train can also be found here). Beyond its mountains, it also sports many other natural wonders including the Great Sand Dunes and striking rock formations such as The Garden of the Gods. 


Alaska is home to the three highest mountain ranges in the US. It’s also home to the tallest mountain in the country, Denali, which stands 20,310 feet above sea level. This makes it another worthy candidate for America’s best mountain state. 

A lot of people are put off by Alaska’s arctic weather, which can make mountain climbing quite punishing and even quite dangerous in winter. The best time to enjoy Alaska’s mountains is the summer months. That said, the winter months do offer the chance to see the Northern Lights.


Some people assume that California is all cities and beaches, but it actually has some of the most impressive national parks and natural wonders in the country. On top of forests and deserts, there are 170 California mountain ranges. The most famous include Sierra Nevada, Cascade Range and the California Coast Ranges.

Most people visit Sierra Nevada. This is home to California’s largest mountain (standing 14,505 ft), Mount Whitney. Sierra Nevada is popular not just because of its mountains but also its waterfalls and lakes. It also contains many historic gold rush towns and is a great place to see giant sequoia trees. 

West Virginia

West Virginia’s nickname is ‘the mountain state’. It is home to the Allegheny Mountains, which are part of the greater Appalachian Mountain Range, and offers some of the best mountains in the eastern US. 

Those that love outdoor activities will adore West Virginia’s mountain attractions. Beyond hiking the world-famous Appalachian trail, it’s also to try one of the world’s best rated whitewater rafting experiences here at the Gauley, as well as enjoying some incredible skiing at Snowshoe. Make the most of this state by also checking out some of the historic cities and civil war sites here. 


There are mountains everywhere you look in Utah. Many of the state’s major cities including Salt Lake City and Park City are built into the mountains. It’s home to a few different unique mountain ranges including the Uinta Mountains which run east to west. Some people claim that the landscape is even more impressive than Arizona. 

Utah offers many scenic mountain drives and an equal amount of stunning hiking trails. It’s also home to 10 world-class ski resorts. Beyond the mountains, Utah is also renowned for its rock formations such as Delicate Arch in Arches National Park and Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border. 


‘Montana’ is Spanish for ‘mountain’, so it’s unsurprising that this state has some impressive mountains to offer.  

Home to the Bighorn Mountains, Montana is known for its Alpine feel. It has some incredibly scenic drives including the winding Going-to-the-Sun road. Glacier National Park is meanwhile a hotspot for various iconic US wildlife ranging from mooses to grizzly bears – you’ll find many spectacular hiking trails and vantage points here. 


Wyoming is the least populous state and is largely dominated by wildlife and undeveloped land. It sports both some incredible forests and dazzling mountains – the most notable being the 40 mile jagged Teton Range.

Those that love a physically active outdoor adventure are certain to adore Wyoming. Jackson Hole mountain resort offers some of the country’s best skiing and is also a mountain biking Mecca. There are meanwhile plenty of scenic hiking trails around Yellowstone National Park such as the West Thumb Geysir Basin trail that can take you through the mountains, as well as taking you around lakes and geysers. The mix of snow-capped peaks and volcanoes make it a land of ice and fire to rival Iceland. 



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