The Ultimate Guide To Getting Each Of These Rooms Right

When it comes to home decor, it’s safe to say that you’re always going to want to get it right. You’ve seen the inspiration, you’ve seen the furniture, and now you just want your gorgeous home to have the right effect. But if you’ve ever tried to decorate an entire home before, then you’ll know just how difficult home decor can be to get right. Because what you envision in your mind, doesn’t always come out right when you go to create it in the space. Even though you know what you want to achieve, and you’ve found some great pieces to work in, it’s not always easy to tell what’s wrong.

More often than not, you’ll find that you’re not approaching your home decor right. This is something that interior designers will have spent years getting right, and it’s can be a difficult trick to learn. But the more that you practice in each of your rooms, and as long as you have the patience and persistence, you will get it right. And we’re going to make sure of it together. Whether you’re working on your home, your holiday home, or a commercial project, you can do it. By approaching each of your rooms in the best way, you should find that you can create a look that you love. So let’s get on down to it.

Living Space

Let’s start out with the space that you probably want to get right the most – the living space. Using these three tricks, you should find that you finally get the finished look you’ve been looking for.

Find Your Flow

The very first thing you need to do involves the kind of feel of the room. It’s so easy to just rush out and pick paint colors or furniture without really thinking about what you want from the room. So step back. Look for some inspiration and then make some judgments. The colors, fabrics, and materials that you choose will form the base of the room and create the flow. If you choose wrong, you won’t get the right feel. So decide on the vibes and style that you want and build up.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

From here, you’re then going to want to think about adding your furniture in. But, you have to make these decisions carefully. Pick out pieces that add to your flow, not take away from it. The best way to do it is to start with one piece, whether that’s your couch or a stunning sideboard, and add in from there.

Focus On Function

Above all else, you need to be focusing on function in this space. Form should always follow function, because you need to make sure that you can actually live in this space and enjoy it. When you build up like this, you should find that you can create a room that finally feels right.

Kitchen & Dining

Next, you’re going to want to work on your cooking, eating, and entertaining spaces. These have been grouped into one as a lot of the same principles apply here.

Create Your Shell

Before you do anything – even decide on the stunning countertops that you want, you need to think about the actually space that you’re working with. Working with what you already have isn’t always the best option. Instead, you may want to create something open plan by knocking through walls, or even just enlarging the shell that you have with an extension. Either way, it’s important to start with the right shell.

Visualize The Space

Now that you have your shell, you’re going to want to visualize the space and what you want from it. So ask yourself, what do you want this space to be used for? Whether it’s family dinners and light cooking or a lot of cooking and entertaining, what you need will often determine the layout. You will then feel much more confident choosing what needs to go into the space.

Find Your Theme

Finally, you’re going to want to focus on the kind of theme you want running throughout. It doesn’t have to be really distinctive, but it will help you to work out whether you want to go with something modern or something a little more vintage. When you have your theme, you should find that you’re easily able to make your choices on everything from cabinet doors to dining table chairs.

Entryway & Hallway

The work that you can do in your entryway to really make it sing, will also apply throughout your hallways. So let’s tackle both of these at the same time.

Space & Storage

Your first thought should be on the space you have and what storage you need. It’s far too easy to pick out your front door color, your flooring choices, and make a show of the staircase and then hope for the best. But you have to be practical. If you don’t want to use your other rooms for storage, you need to do it in the hallway. So look at your space objectively and think about the hallway storage that you need before you do anything else.

Key Comforts

At the same time, you also need to pick out some of the key comforts that are perhaps more practical than anything else, but will still bring your home alive. For this, consider the connected home features that you might want, as well as lighting and security. Because these are often key features of your hallway, and are better to be working in during the design, rather than an afterthought.


Finally, you need to think about the flow of the space in terms of how it guides you around the home. Because your entryway and the hallways aren’t rooms. So you’re going to want to keep them clutter free and minimal so they act as a space that draws you into another, not the feature itself.

Beds & Baths

Both of these rooms require three key things to work. It’s really that simple. So let’s get to it.

No Fuss

As much as you may want your bedroom to look stunning, and as much as your bathroom should be incredibly luxurious, you really need to cut the fuss. Remember, you need your bedroom to be sleep-friendly, and your bathroom needs to be your bathing and pampering area. For this, you should look to keep things minimal because above all else, you need both of these rooms to be relaxing.


The star attraction in both of these spaces should be all about the atmosphere. When you’re not focusing on this, it may be why the room doesn’t feel right. In the bedroom, you want the atmosphere to be quiet and cozy so that you can sleep well. In the bathroom, opt for a more soothing and calming vibe. When you ignore this, you’ll find that the rooms just feel off.

Light & Space

Above all else, you should be thinking about light and space. Both of these spaces need to be bright and airy to feel right. Even a dark and dramatic bedroom will not really feel relaxing. When you allow as much natural light in as possible, you’ll be off to a great start. One thing to avoid will always be clutter, as this is something that will always ruin the mood and throw the space off.

Outside Space

Finally, you’re going to want to turn your attention to the outside. Because there’s nothing quite like getting your home together and having your yard ruin it.

Get A Landscaper

Before you even start to think about doing anything else, you’re going to want to hire a landscaper. Because trying to bring your yard together with no real experience with the outdoors is only going to lead to disaster. Sure, you could add in some pretty plants and tidy up the lawn and hedges that are already there, but what you really want is some stunning landscaping. So bring in the experts and have your yard designed properly. That way, you will be doing it some justice.

Define Sections

As part of your landscaping, you’re going to want to work out what you want from the space. So get creative. You know that you need a dining space, but what else? Do you want garden storage, a space to relax in, somewhere for the kids to play in, or maybe even a rose garden? By defining sections, you’ll give your garden functionality and depth.

Extend Your Living Space

And let’s end on a note that you’re bound to be excited about – that dining area that we just mentioned. Because everyone wants a stunning outdoor living space that they can enjoy. You’ll often find that some of the best are extensions of the living space that you already have. So focus on the same kinds of designs, be sure to work in an eating area, lounging area, and maybe even a grilling area and bar and then you’ll definitely be making the most of your outside space.

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