Tips For Handling A Leak In Your Home

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Finding a leak in your home is not something anyone wants to find because typically, it can tend to lead to an expensive callout for the plumber, and it might be that you need to get repair work done depending on the damage the leak causes. However, sometimes life deals you an unhelpful hand, and so it’s important to know how best to handle a leak if you ever had the unfortunate situation happen to you. Here are some tips for handling a leak in your home.

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Find Where The Leak Is Coming From

When it comes to the leak itself, it’s important to know exactly where that leak may be coming from. It’s difficult sometimes to find a leak and hence why it’s good to have your water supply on so long as it’s not causing an excessive amount of damage whilst you’re looking for the source of the leak. For most problems, it’s important to look near any piping as there might be problems with the piping itself, and this might be where the leak is coming from. It’s also worth considering any leaks in your home that could be caused by certain water appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine. These tend to get damaged at times and may be leaking from the machine itself, rather than it be any piping that’s connected to the machine specifically. Any spaces that might not be the best lit are good to get a torch on to see exactly what you’re dealing with.

Switch Off Your Water Supply

When you’ve successfully managed to find the source of the leak, it’s a good idea to switch off your water supply if possible or at least isolate the area where the leak is coming from. Regardless of whether it’s a slight trickle or a constant flow, it’s important to stop any further damage from occurring. The more water that hits your floor or any other area of the home is likely going to make the damage itself more severe as a result, and you want to reduce that where possible. Switching off your water supply should be easy enough, but if you don’t have any awareness of where to switch off the source of water, then it’s worth looking at your property’s water system.

Assess The Damage

If you’re lucky, then you may find that no damage has been caused, and you can therefore do a quick clean up and ensure the leak itself has been sorted in whatever way necessary. However, if the leak has been significant, then it’s worth doing a more extensive search to see just how much damage has been done beyond the surface. Sometimes, it might have damaged further than just the top of your flooring. It’s worth exploring so that you can double-check that the foundations and structure of your home haven’t been compromised. This could be serious if it were, and you did nothing about it.

Call In A Professional Service If Needed

For any water damage restoration, it’s likely best to approach a professional company who are going to be able to do the fixes necessary and in the right manner. You may have your own set of skills and experience, but unless you have everything needed to fix the problems, then it’s worth having an external company to take a closer look. There are lots out there that will be more than willing to help where needed, so make sure you’re calling up these companies sooner rather than later in order to sort it out.

Keep On Top Of Home Maintenance Checks Moving Forward

Maintenance checks are something that you should be conducted in your home on a regular basis. The reason for this is that damages and problems can occur without your knowledge and attention.  With that being said, it’s worth doing what you can to ensure this problem doesn’t arise again. Do a regular check of your piping and water supply, in general, to check if there’s anything that looks out of the ordinary and needs your attention as soon as possible. An annual or six-monthly check should be the minimum but if possible, try doing it every month just to make sure everything is as it is normally.

Handling a leak in your home can be a real nightmare, but the sooner you get it seen to and fixed, the better. Use these tips to ensure any leak within your home is handled as soon as possible so that you’re spending on less on getting it fixed.



  1. Hey, great tips! Also, don’t forget to look for leaks in and around your appliances that use water, including dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators with built-in icemakers and water dispensers. It could be a simple connection issue or a leaking hose that needs to be replaced. Hoses eventually deteriorate and can develop cracks.

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  5. Thank you for sharing these tips and bringing this subject up! It is important to deal with water leaks as soon as possible. If you don’t fix the leak promptly, this will inevitably turn into a pipe burst.

  6. Great Blog. Thanks for sharing. Previously, I was thinking to fix the clogged pipe myself but after reading your blog and , I realized that hiring a plumbing professional is a more good option.

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