Twice Announces June Comeback with “More & More”

XO Squad!!! June is about to be a dream for K-Pop fans! We know that Blackpink is projected to come back in June, but now we can add my favorite K-Pop girl group Twice to the list, as they are set for a comeback with More & More, an EP that will drop on June 1, 2020! ?

Twice More & More

Twice has always had an upbeat, sassy, and catchy sound (seriously, their music will worm into your head and stay there for days!) However, upon hearing their last mini album Feel Special, I noticed a much more mature, and focused sound which showcased the group’s growth not only as artists, but as women. I am anticipating that the new release will have the same mature feel, and judging from the limited peeks at the cover art, the group may be exploring darker, more serious concepts, and I am HERE ?? FOR ?? IT! Here’s an unofficial audio teaser of their reported title single:

What I Would Love To Hear

Twice has managed to steer clear of major scandals, and they have been able to maintain their wholesome image, and reputation as Korea’s Sweethearts. Even still, in recent years, group members Jihyo and Momo have been exposed by the Korean press for being in [romantic] relationships, and group member Mina received a diagnosis of anxiety, which was publicized due to the singer’s absence from the group’s world tour. While these are not major scandals, Korea’s hesitance to discuss mental health, and their resistance to idols dating have likely not been easy for Twice to deal with. I would love to hear songs on More & More that deal with the concepts of deeper, adult love, and issues with mental health. As the members of the group continue to age and reach certain points in their personal lives, I would love to hear and see their emotions and thoughts reflected in their sound and music video storylines.

Twice More & More
Momo (l.) and Jihyo (r.) were both revealed to be in relationships by press

More & More Pre-Order Details

More & More will be available for pre-order on Monday May 11, 2020 through major music retailers. Once’s (Twice’s fanbase) who pre-order will receive additional perks such as a photo card set, and a poster.


Twice is known for having an average of 3 comebacks a year which is part of the reason they are in the upper tier of popular K-Pop groups. Despite this, none of their albums or concepts seem rushed, and we can always rely on Twice to give us quality material. Since Once’s have been waiting for their return since Feel Special dropped last September, I know they are just as excited for this comeback as I am!

Are you planning to pre-order the new EP? What will you do to prepare for Twice’s June comeback?  Let me know in the comments! 



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