What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Way To Heat Your Home?

If you want to be more eco-friendly at home and balance your budget more effectively, you should think about the way that you heat your home. The energy bill is often the biggest monthly bill that people have and if you’re using huge amounts of energy, that’s not good for the environment. The good news is, there are actually some great ways to heat your home without using as much energy, so you can be kinder to the planet and your bank balance at the same time. Here are some eco-friendly heating tips! 

eco-friendly heating

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HVAC Systems 

A lot of people have air conditioning units in their home to keep them cool in the summer. However, if you use an HVAC system with both cooling and eco-friendly heating capabilities instead, you can do your bit for the planet. Most people don’t realize it, but they are actually very energy efficient compared with traditional heating systems. However, they are only efficient when they are running properly and if they are damaged or the filters are clogged up, this can increase energy usage in a big way. It also leads to issues with air quality too, so make sure that you change the filters regularly and get your HVAC system serviced if you think something might be wrong. 

Geothermal Heating Systems

There is a lot of heat stored under the ground and you can use it to heat your home using a geothermal heating system. This works by pumping water through pipes that are buried underground, so it is warmed up by the natural heat from the earth. It is then pumped back into the house to be used in your hot water and heating systems. This is such an eco-friendly way to heat your home because you are not burning any fuel. In some cases, this system will be used to heat your home on its own or it can be used to supplement a normal heating system. 

People are put off geothermal heating systems because they can be quite expensive to install. However, they usually pay for themselves in around five to ten years. They also increase the value of your home a lot, so see it as a long term investment.

Passive Solar Heating 

If you are constantly wondering why your energy bills are so high, it could be down to the way that your home is designed. Passive solar heating is a concept that focuses on using the natural heat from the sun and designing your home in such a way that you can take full advantage of it. Using lots of materials like concrete, for example, helps to soak up heat. Installing large windows on the south facing side of the house brings sunlight in and helps to heat the inside too. If you are ever making big renovations to your home, you should consider passive solar heating and create a design that harnesses the sun. This is the most eco-friendly way to heat your home. 

These are all great ways to set up eco-friendly heating in your home and save yourself a lot of money on your energy bills every month.


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