Will the Choo Fit? Michael Kors to acquire Jimmy Choo Brand

Image Source (Jimmy Choo)                                                                                                      Image Source (Michael Kors)

Today it was released that Michael Kors is set to purchase the iconic shoe brand: Jimmy Choo. I am a major fan of Jimmy Choo, and own several pairs of the classic Anouk pump (among others ?). This new move has me more than a little puzzled, as in my opinion, Michael Kors is more of a mid-tier, easily accessible brand (with the exception of their couture line), and Jimmy Choo is pure luxury and cutting edge, particularly when Tamara Mellon was at the helm.

I’m not clutching my pearls about this, as Kors has been in the fashion business for decades, and he does have a discerning, albeit commercial eye. I am slightly intrigued by the direction that he may take the company, but I hope that he maintains the luxe and glamour feel of the Jimmy Choo brand, and doesn’t take it the mainstream mass produced route.

What are your feelings on this one? Drop me a line below! Until then, have a peek at my fave Choo’s!

Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Louboutin
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