Winter Essentials Under $100


winter essentials

winter essentials under $100


This Fall has been a lot chillier than I expected! There have been snowstorms (although not in NC where I live), freezing rain (we did get that), and icy mornings…and most of this before the leaves were fully off the trees!

I’ve been stocking up on winter sweaters, sweater dresses,  cozy hats and scarves, and I was able to snag a new puffer coat which I love, and I’ll be sharing soon! Most of my finds, like this chic coat and super cute hat, have been really affordable! Scroll through the widget below for cute winter essentials under $100!

Cozy Coats

Haute Hats

Scarves & More


While Burberry scarves and soft lamb leather gloves will always have their place in our closet, it’s entirely too easy to snag effortlessly chic winter essentials for less than $100! Besides, if you’re anything like me, I lose gloves every year like nobody’s business. It’s always good to be able to grab a new pair without hurting your wallet!


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