Working From Home: Tips For Virtual Meeting Success


Working from home has become a more popular working option over the last few years. Along with allowing people to have a better work/life balance, many people have also found themselves to be more productive at home. However, it does mean getting to grips with virtual meetings.

Working from home doesn’t excuse anyone from meetings with clients or turning up to the latest staff meeting. So, what do you need to make sure you have virtual meeting success? Take a look at these must read tips.

Check Your Surroundings

It’s vital that you’re aware of the fact that when you’re on a virtual meeting call it’s like inviting someone into your home. Whoever is on the screen with you will see the dirty laundry pile in the background and hear your neighbour doing DIY. The better your surroundings, the more professional you’ll look.

For instance, did you know that a smaller room with soft furnishings offers better acoustics when you’re taking a virtual meeting? You won’t have to ask colleagues or clients to repeat themselves as often if you work on the room acoustics.

Get To Know The Software

If you’ve never used your meeting software before, it’s vital that you practice before you start taking meetings. Browse through the software and do your research on how to use it properly. The last thing you want is to be late for a meeting because you don’t know how to switch the camera or microphone on.

It’s also worth looking at what type of internet speed you need for the software to operate as well as possible. Using a WiFi extender could help you to maintain a good connection so the recipient can always hear you and see you clearly.

Turn Off Distractions

When you’re taking a virtual meeting with someone, that person wants your full attention. It won’t help if your dog is barking at you in the background or your phone is lighting up at the side of your desk. Working from home can be distracting but if you know you have a meeting planned, you can prepare in advance.

Make sure you have a quiet place to take your meeting and you cancel any social media pages you have up on your device. It can also help to turn your phone off for the duration of the meeting.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

It can be tempting to wear casual clothing while working from home to be more comfortable. However, the action of putting on appropriate office clothing can help to get you in the right frame of mind for working. It will also help you come across as professional to those who can view you. 

Even though you’re working in your home environment, you should always keep the same working rules as you would in the office.


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