4 Amazing Natural Alternatives To Normal Skin Care Products

Skin care products can get pretty expensive and a lot of people are worried about the chemicals that are in there. That’s why natural alternatives have really taken off recently. There are a lot of natural ingredients that give the same benefits as the active ingredients in a lot of skin care products and they’re usually cheaper. You know exactly what you’re putting on your skin as well so if you’re worried about what might be in your skin care products, it’s worth considering. These are some of the best natural products to use on your skin.

Avocado natural alternativesImage Source

Avocado is massive in the food world at the moment and it seems like every restaurant and cafe in the country are selling them. But they’re not just great for eating, they’re incredibly good for your skin as well. The natural fats in them are one of the reasons that they’re healthy to eat. Those natural fats also make a perfect moisturizer for your skin. It’s also packed with lots of nutrients that are great for your skin. It’ll lift your skin and give you a nice healthy glow which is why a lot of companies are adding it to their products, like this under eye cream for hydration, for example. You can either use ready-made products with it in or just make a face mask with a fresh avocado.

Raw Honey Image Source

Honey is great for your skin as long as you get raw honey and not the processed stuff that you usually find in the supermarkets. It’s great as a moisturizer so you should use it to keep your skin looking vibrant in the winter when the cold and the wind dry it out a lot. It has antibacterial qualities as well which make it perfect for fighting spots. If you’ve got any cuts or scrapes, you should put honey on those as well because it helps to speed up the healing process.

Sea Salt Image Source

Sea salt is filled with all sorts of minerals and nutrients like calcium or potassium that it picks up from the water. A lot of those ingredients are the same things that are in skin cells so using sea salt can really help to repair and protect your skin. You can make homemade face masks with sea salt and use it as a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. It also helps to balance the oil production in your skin which reduces the likelihood of getting spots.

Aloe Vera natural alternativesImage Source

Aloe vera is fairly well known as a sunburn treatment but it has a lot more uses than that. It has a lot of ingredients that fight bacteria and some that reduce inflation. That makes it ideal for any kind of rash or dry, cracked skin. It’s incredibly cost effective as well because you can buy an Aloe Vera plant pretty cheap and you’ve got a constant supply. Just make sure that you cut a small wedge out of the leaf when you use it, rather than snapping the whole thing off. If you break off an entire leaf, it won’t grow back properly.

These natural alternatives are often better than skin creams filled with lots of different chemicals and they usually work out cheaper as well.


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