7 Things You Have To Do Before You Go On Holiday

Traveling is one of the best uses of your time, regardless of whether you’re heading off hiking for a month or just jetting off on a weekend getaway. However, that doesn’t eradicate the fact that planning a holiday is incredibly stressful. There’s so much that you have to remember to book, pack, and exchange, and if you don’t remember it all, your whole holiday could be impacted. To make your life easier, and avoid you forgetting anything, read the advice below.

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Pick A Destination

If you don’t already have somewhere in mind, this can be a tough decision, so grab the holiday brochures and look online for some inspiration. If you’re still stuck, be spontaneous and choose your destination by throwing a dart at a map. If you have to decide between a couple of places, pull one out of a hat to speed the process up.

Book Flights & Accommodation

It’s important that you book a hotel close to the attractions that you want to see. For example, if you wanted to visit San Diego Zoo and Sea World, Western Inn Old Town could work. To ensure you get the best price, book flights and hotels as soon as you can.

Check The Date

Depending on where you’re traveling, you may require a set period of validation on your passport (usually six months). It’s essential that you check how long your passport is valid for, otherwise you may not be allowed to travel, and your whole trip will be ruined.

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Sort Out Pet Care

Unless you’re taking your pets with you on holiday, you will need to figure out who is going to look after them. Some kennels and catteries have long waiting lists, so you might not be able to get your pet in at short notice. Figuring your pet plans out early will help to reduce your stress, and allow you to focus on other things.

Exchange Your Money

If you’re traveling out of the country, you will likely need to exchange some cash to use while you’re away. You can do this at the airport, but exchange rates in airports tend to be pretty high. Instead, do some research and find out who provides the best exchange rates in your local area.

Pack Your Bags

With packing your bags comes a whole new wave of stress, and you’re constantly worried that you’ve forgotten something. To keep you calm, write a list of everything you need, and then get someone to check it, to make sure you haven’t missed anything out. Then, tick your list off as you put things in your bag. 

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Secure Your Home

You don’t want to ruin your trip by coming home and discovering that you’ve been broken into. To avoid this, it’s important that you properly secure your home before going away. You should also ask a neighbour or family member to check your home a few times, and move any post from behind the door.

Don’t unnecessarily cause yourself stress; Make sure you do these things before going away! 


See you next time!


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