Best Deck Stain and How to Choose the Right One

deck stainYou might have a deck that badly needs new paint. However, there are many colors, finishes, materials, and stain selections out there that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. If you find yourself in this unexpected predicament, here are some ideas and tricks that can help you get the match you’re looking for.

Know that when you do things right the first time, the colors on your deck will complement the overall look of your property, enhance the outdoor space, and add visual attraction. However, if you do the opposite and choose the wrong material or color, the whole project of improving your deck can turn into a nightmare and an endless distraction to the eye.

You need to know the suitable color schemes that correspond to the existing palettes of your property. You can visit and learn more information about the top-rated products in the market and the ideal paint that can save you effort, time, and money. Some of the tips that will hopefully work for your home exterior are the following:

1. Match Palettes with the Exterior of your Home

The color schemes should match your home’s exterior. For example, you have a modern feel in your property that you want to maintain. In this case, white can be an ideal choice, and getting black pieces of furniture can turn your deck into a minimalist space. Classic looks are often in the shades of brown or orange, but overall, the hues should complement the paint on your trim, siding, and doors.

Select the correct accent colors that blend well with the style of your home and pull out the hues that you’ve previously used on one section of your property’s façade. The idea is to match everything, especially when you’re updating the overall look of your exterior.

2. Consider the Materials

The materials used in building your deck will often dictate the flexibility you’ll have in the renovation. Composite and wood materials can be stained using various colors, which will create more vibrancy. Know that you may also stain those that were made of concrete, but they are generally done with light gray with khaki undertones known as static colors.

Typically, homeowners can have various options with wooden materials. Read more about choosing the right material on this site. They offer the most opportunities for staining, and they require minimal maintenance. You can also change them whenever you desire, and the overall application process can be quick and simple.

3. Wear and Tear Considerations

You may be getting different parts of your deck in most situations the wear and tear that they will ultimately have as time passes. It would be best if you had both the finishes and the shades to withstand the constant traffic and the wear and tear that they are going to fall into as time goes by.

It’s best to choose premium stains on the stairs because they usually receive more traffic than the railings. For more durability, restaining may be required more than usual. It’s always best to clean your decks regularly so you can keep up with the re-applications and periodic upkeep that it may require.

4. Utilize the Rules of the Color Wheel

For color combinations, consider at least three schemes: the accent, dominant, and secondary colors. These can be used in your outdoor furniture, decking, doors, existing siding, and trims. The ones that are pleasing to the eye can be a combination of complementary or analogous according to the rules of the color wheel.

Replicate a similar setup to the overall design of your home. The dominant tones should be the prominent shades with the supporting roles consisting of two additional colors. The secondary tones may be found in planters, outdoor pillows, and other accessories.

5. Consider Colors from the Surrounding Landscape

Your landscape may influence your deck’s shades and the choices you’ll use when it comes to picking furniture. The green that you can see around you can complement various orange or red hues that can complement and blend well into the dominant tones. If you have colorful flowers around, you may want to consider a more neutral deck palette with gray or brown tones.

In addition to this, if your deck connects in a place directly inside your house, you may get ideas about the existing indoor flooring that you have. You can also consult with a professional designer to choose the best stains that are right for you.

6. Testing the Colors

deck stain

Before you choose the right stains or finishes, it’s best if you can get a small sample of the paint. Try it out into a corner of the deck that’s inconspicuous. The application should be small and see how well it will look. View it at different times of the day at various angles to see its overall look. Find some retailers, or better yet, use online tools to know which ones will be the best for your property.

Many of the designers are using virtual paint and trying out new colors to know which hues are perfect for you. Some materials will greatly influence the results of the stains. For example, wood decking may lend tints to the colors that can change the way a stain will turn out.

The stains may also be affected by the opacity and tint that you’ve decided to use. You can choose the clear options where you allow the natural hue of the wood to shine. Some have only bits of colors to add to the design, where there are semi-transparent supplies that will give you a consistent look. A more solid stain will not allow much of the wood to shine through.

Some will have dark gray color schemes that can either work with warm or cool looks. It’s also best to choose a darker hue because it can hide dirt and footprints better. There are also dark blue options where you can add playful hues like pink and purple. The secondary undertones can be cream, beige, or lighter blue, but all of these will still depend on your overall preferences.


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  2. Choosing the right color and material for your deck can be a daunting task, especially with the numerous options available in the market. You have provided some really helpful and cool tips that can make the selection process easier.

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