What Your Dog’s Really Saying When He Chews All Your Favorite Things

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Bringing a dog into your life is amazing. Nothing beats having a furry family member. But, when your dog starts chewing everything in sight, the fun of dog ownership is soon forgotten. Whether your pup chews your favorite statement necklace, or let’s loose on designer outfits, the destruction can be devastating. And, that’s before they move onto the big things. By the time they start to chew the sofa, most dog owners are pulling their hair out. Sadly, issues like these are pretty common. And, they aren’t even the dog’s fault a lot of the time. The thing to remember is that this isn’t natural behavior. Most dogs chew things, but if it’s happening on a regular basis, there’s likely something more going on. In fact, there’s a chance your dog’s trying to tell you something. But, are you listening to what they have to say?

I’m lonely

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Many dogs will chew when left alone because they’re lonely. Being left alone often can lead to anxiety, which in turn leads to this chewing behavior. There’s just no getting around the fact that dogs are pack animals. In the wild, it’s unlikely they would ever be alone. Is it any wonder, then, that those lonesome hours can result in destruction? The best way to determine whether this is your problem is to consider when chewing happens. If it’s always when you’re out of the house, this is your problem. Once you know that, you can take action to overcome this. That could range from wearing your dog out with a walk before you leave, to booking them into somewhere like Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa during the day. Being around other dogs all day is sure to do them the world of good. And, as they won’t be in the house, there’s no chance of chewing!

I’m bored

Another prime reason for unwanted chewing is boredom. We think a dog’s life looks pretty blissful, but it gets boring, too. Imagine having nothing more to do than lie around all the time. Is it any wonder, then, that your dog looks for ways to amuse themselves? Chewing like this could happen while you’re out of the house, or at home. The good news is, overcoming this issue should be easy enough. Your dog’s sending a clear message that they need more attention. This could mean more walks, more toys, or simply more interaction.

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I’m not well

In extreme cases, inappropriate chewing can also be a sign of ill health. While this is less common, it’s worth considering if nothing else stops the issue. Sometimes, illness can lead to a condition known as pica. This can cause your dog to have desires to eat non-food items. Digestive upsets can also lead to this behavior, as a dog attempts to make themselves sick. If chewing happens suddenly, you may be dealing with something medical. In this instance, it’s worth taking a trip to your vets and putting your mind at ease.

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  1. I love dogs great post.

  2. I really enjoy reading this blog post, thank you

  3. I never really thought of the loneliness thing, my mind has always just jumped straight to the boredom thing. Doggie day care is a great idea, my sister has a Dane and she LOVES her doggie daycare center, she has so much fun while she’s there.
    I think this is a bit similar to why cat’s scratch on furniture or get into mischief! Pet sitters are also a great idea for this struggle!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Doggie daycare is so helpful, especially when you work long hours! I think loneliness and boredom go hand in hand! We used to let my dog go to doggie daycare, but the expense is a bit much, so he only went 3 times per week. I really enjoyed being able to watch him on the live video link they provided, and I discovered that my dog is a flirt. LOL. Thank you so much for reading!

      1. Oh – I’ve never heard of the doggie daycare cam before – that’s so cool! My sister’s doggie daycare sends home a little report card about how her dog’s day was (including gold stars for making ‘friends’ with the other dogs name there so owners can get together if they want). Dog daycares are so sweet. Have you ever found any place like that for cats – if so, I want in!!!

  4. Your insights into why dogs chew and the deeper issues it might signal are incredibly informative. As a dog owner, recognizing these signs as communication rather than just misbehavior reframes how we approach solutions. Providing mental stimulation, companionship, and medical care, rather than punishment, can create a healthier environment for our pets and strengthen our bond with them.

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