Home Fragrancing: Dos & Don’ts

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Home fragrance is something everyone loves. There’s nothing quite like being able to walk around your home, serenaded by a riot of different fragrances, and smiling to yourself at how positive it makes you feel. Given that fragrance is both pleasant and a well-known mood-enhancer, it’s clear that taking the time to think about your fragrance choices is a decision you will never regret.

For all the benefits of home fragrance, there are also plenty of downsides, some of which might be downright worrying. To ensure that your home fragrancing efforts are always as perfect as your home decor and sense of style, you’re going to want to ensure you follow the essential “dos” and “don’t” for perfect home fragrance…

DO: Use a gentle hand

Home fragrance can quickly become overwhelming if it is used in too many rooms. Rather than installing a source of fragrance in every room, choose to use fragrance in every other room. If you use too many fragrances from too many sources, the overall effect is both overwhelming and confused.

DON’T: Use undiluted essential oils

Essential oils are an excellent way of infusing your home with fragrance, but they are also potent substances that you should use with caution. Essential oils should never be used at 100% strength, even if you’re burning them in a dedicated burner.

Instead, you should use a small amount of essential oils mixed with water or a carrier oil. If that sounds like too much hassle to go through every day, then you’ll want to look into  AromaTech, as they offer cold air diffusing options that negate the need for additional water or oils.

DO: Follow the seasons

As lovely as the scent of fresh cotton is, it’s not a scent that quite seems to fit with winter. The same applies to cranberries and spice in spring; they are far more suited to the autumn months. Using the correct fragrances for the season will ensure that your home fragrance is always cohesive rather than being jarring.

As a general rule, opt for light, delicate fragrances during the warmer months of the year– florals, mints, and tropical scents. For the colder months, choose ‘warmer’ fragrances– spices, red fruits, and woods. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference seasonal scents can make to the overall feel of your home.

DON’T: Place fragrance at head height

If you are using a diffuser or air freshener, it should be placed only a few feet from the ground– on a coffee table, for example. If you place fragrance higher, closer to human head height, then the fragrance will always be overwhelming to anyone who passes the fragrance source. Fragrance is best when dispersed gently, so accurate positioning is the best way to ensure maximum enjoyment.

I always find that Plug-Ins work best at keeping a noticeable (but not too strong) scent throughout my home. I am absolutely crazy about the plug-ins from Febreze, and I typically keep the scent consistent through each season as mentioned above (think: Linen for spring, beach scents for summer, pumpkin spice scents for falls, and winter berries for winter.) Plug ins are low maintenance, and allow you to be consistent with the rule about not having fragrance at head height.

DO: Use Candles…Lots of Them!

Candles are a double duty wonder! They aid in keeping your home subtly scented, but they also add a touch of chic decor to any room! My favorite candle brands are Dyptique and Jo Malone, and these candles are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are deliciously scented. Candles can be pricey, but I’ve found that my go-to brands have a concentrated scent that allows you to add fragrance to your home in half the time. I find that I only need to burn my candles for about 15 minutes to rid my home of any stale odors. This means that my pricier candles last longer than my cheaper ones, thus making them worth the investment.

Home fragrance can be difficult to get right, especially if you’re such a fan of fragrance you just want to go all-out and indulge. However, with gentle use and clever placement, you can be absolutely certain your home fragrance efforts will be appreciated.



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