Five Important Questions To Ask A Home Inspector

When you go down the very long and stressful road of buying your own home, you’re going to have many appointments with the bank, real estate agents, and with home inspectors to make sure that you are doing everything right. They’ll check out your house to make sure that it’s in decent shape, and if you want to make sure that your home is in satisfactory condition before you move in, you need to book a home inspection first.

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Houses always look beautiful while you’re falling in love with them, but you’re not able to see inside the walls or under the floorboards. That’s the whole idea of bringing in the best companies like Environix to check independently for mold and asbestos. It’s important to be ready with a list of questions on you for when your home inspection begins, and here are a few questions that you should have prepared to go:

“What Does That Mean?”

Okay, so this is a generic question, but your inspector is going to go through your house with a fine-toothed comb, picking out any signs of issues. If something is said that sounds foreign to you, ask them outright what it means. A good home inspector will take the time to explain to you the issues that they are finding along the way, so if they’re talking about rotting floorboards, ask them what it means for your house and what you’d need to do.

“Is This A Dealbreaker?”

A house is a big purchase, and people need to know if there is something in the inspection that pops up, such as mold issues or a roof leak, then you shouldn’t panic. Yes, a house is a big purchase, but the home inspector is in the best possible position to talk to you about whether it’s a deal breaker for the house or not. It may sound like a significant issue, but most problems that are thrown up during a house inspection are relatively minor and quickly sorted out with a little patience.

“Is That A Problem?”

When you were initially viewing your house, you may well have found things that you find to be an issue. For example, if you see a water spot on the ceiling and it’s worrying you, it’s a good time to point it out and ask if there’s a problem. Most of the time, the inspector will tell you that it’s minor and can be fixed. Other times they’ll be able to tell you if it’s something to be really concerned by. Just ask!

“How Do I Maintain This?”

Never had an HVAC before? Ask how to use it. Never used a gas boiler before? Ask about that, too. You have an expert in front of you telling you how to take care of your house – utilize their insight!

“What Are You Concerned About?”

When the end of the inspection is coming, ask your inspector if they have any serious concerns. You’ll get a report anyway, but this way you can hear it from them directly.

Home inspections can be valuable to you; use them as much as you can!




  1. You made very good points. If a buyer is looking to buy a home with a broken HVAC system, they might be up for a spendy surprise.
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  2. Well done. these questions are good.

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  4. Thank you for sharing all this helpful information!

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