GOT7 “Dye”: Official Mini Album Review

When first listening to GOT7’s Dye, a mini album comprised of 10 songs, I was immediately struck with the notion that this album is the group’s version of an anthology of love poems. The album itself is beautifully packaged to resemble antique hardcover books, and the group’s official album photos feature the lissome males dressed in the romantic silk blouses one would associate with the likes of Byron, Keats, and Shelley. It is only when diving into the album’s poetic lyrics and lush melodies that you really begin to recognize the perfection of Dye and its surrounding concepts.  GOT7’s Dye has become my favorite GOT7 album (and initially I thought that nothing could ever top Spinning Top), and while it’s early in the year, it may even be my favorite K-Pop release of 2020 thus far.

The Details

Released on April 20, 2020, GOT7’s Dye hit number 1 in South Korea, selling 159, 098 copies in the first week, and broke their personal record for first day and first week sales. Dye debuted at number 4 on the US World Charts. * The mini album boasts writing & composition credits from group members JB (DEFSOUL) and Youngjae (Ars), and Yugyeom, and their song crafting abilities, which have continued to expand with each album, are at full force here. The album is comprised of 6 official tracks, and 4 hidden tracks available only on the physical album.


The Tracks 

*I will be reviewing the 6 official tracks released on the physical and digital albums.

Aura (3.5/5)

Dye opens up on a strong note with this chicly seductive uptempo ballad co-written and composed by GOT7’s Youngjae (Ars). Aura opens up with JB’s signature soulful crooning, and leads up to the chorus in which the group reassures that everything is “alright” and they just really want to get wrapped up in your aura. The group’s Blindfolded Choreography video that was released for this song really encapsulated the sexy swagger of this track.

Crazy (3.5/5)

By this 2nd track, you really begin to see the musical direction that GOT7 is taking with this album. Yes, they are singing of love, while dressed as troubadours, but they are clearly trying to seduce and enchant with their vocals. Crazy starts off with such a heavy, R&B “baby making music” vibe that all you can do is make a literal stank face and try to avoid getting pregnant through sound. JB has writing credits on this track and his poetic style is on display with lines like “it stretches deeply in my heart to stop the delicate scene spreading and dispersing.” I imagine the Korean makes a lot more sense than the English translation, but we still get a sense of JB’s desperation at the one driving him crazy. The song has a few weak points: Mark has a few awkward English lines (as usual), and the boppy chorus seems like a misstep after the churning and steamy opening, but Crazy is still a solid contribution to Dye, and has been added to ALL of my playlists.

Not By The Moon (5/5)

This is the album’s lead track, and honestly one of my favorites from the album. GOT7 has a tendency of picking songs for their lead single that are not always the best song off of the album (I still think that Page from Spinning Top should have been the lead single). This is NOT the case with Not By The Moon. With references to Juliet’s line from Romeo and Juliet, “O swear not by the moon”, the group beautifully sings their promises to avoid fickle promises of love that are ever-changing with the moon. The music is a standout here, with lush sounds that swell and surge toward the chorus, and honestly this song could be on so many Hollywood movie trailers. Check out the dance performance video of this song!

Love You Better (5/5)

Love You Better is one of those breezy, effortless songs that, while not an official single, will be a fan favorite (much like Believe and Thursday from Spinning Top and Call My Name, respectively) thanks to the cute “knock knock” in the addictive chorus.  Featuring a polished R&B beat that manages to sound like a throwback and current style all at once, GOT7’s vocalists flow over the beat like honey. Mark is in fine form on this one, and his signature choppy rap style goes with this song like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Trust My Love (3/5)

A lot of Ahgase’s (GOT7’s fandom name) have mentioned that they enjoy the Latin vibes of this song, but honestly, I get more of a Dancehall/Jamaican vibe from the heavily thumping, driving beat that underlies the group’s pleading for trust. Jackson, who has seamlessly adapted into the role of a vocalist (and not just a rapper) is in peak form on this song, and his deep raspy tone sets off the chorus much as it did on Spinning Top’sPage”. This song sounds very international, in that the rhythms and vocal stylings seem to have been inspired from various cultures. All in all a fitting, if interesting addition to the album.

Poison (5/5)

GOT7’s Dye wraps up the official album tracks with Poison, another chic and sexy banger with a stripped down feel. Yugyeom has composition credits on this track, and we can clearly feel his penchant for R&B tinged hip hop showcased here. The rap line (AMERITHAIKONG) are the stars of this song (outside of Youngjae’s beautiful high note at the bridge). Jackson sets the track off with his signature bravado and singing-rap style, Mark works wonders with the verses, and BamBam flows like water over the scaled back beat in the pre-chorus.


GOT7’s Dye has become my favorite GOT7 album, and prior to this release, I would have never thought they could surpass Spinning Top. Dye is one of the first K-Pop releases for me this year with no skippable tracks, and its just a well crafted, beautifully lyric ride from start to finish. You can purchase GOT7’s Dye here!

What are your favorite songs from Dye? Let me know in the comments!



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