Here’s Why We’re Treating BTS’ New Single “Dynamite” Like It’s A New Album!

BTS is dropping a new English language single, Dynamite, on August 21, 2020, and ARMY is anxiously awaiting the track that has been described as being in the same vein as their prior Western collabs “Mic Drop” and “Waste It On Me.” (1)  Aside from the fact that it’s new music (exciting times!!!), American and all International ARMY need to treat Dynamite as though it’s an official comeback and not just a digital single.

BTS Dynamite
BTS is poised to take over the West. Can ARMY make it happen?

BTS is arguably the largest boy band in the world and with each official comeback era, they’ve seemed ready to take over the US charts: Yet, there’s something that keeps this from happening. BTS’ International ARMY is huge, which is the main reason why they’ve seen so much success with album sales, preorders, and arena ticket sales, but the septet has still been largely ignored by the Western music industry when it comes to giving BTS the awards and accolades that they deserve. Many ARMY attribute this to xenophobia or just an overall disregard toward appreciating music in a different language, but this is why the new digital single Dynamite is so important!  Dynamite is BTS’ first full English language single and the success of it will determine if BTS/BigHit will choose to continue to pursue a Western audience, or produce more English language music.

As I-ARMY, we have dedicated innumerable hours toward learning the Korean lyrics to songs, so this is now our time to shine! 

BTS needs our support more than ever as other fandoms and media sources have attacked BTS over their prior claims that they would not put out English music. I do not find this switch to be hypocritical, but more so an indication of BTS’ musical growth and their growing appreciation of the western audience that they have cultivated. Perhaps COVID-19  and the accompanying quarantines that happened worldwide gave BTS time to ponder new musical directions. Either way I-ARMY should be here for it! ??

Here’s What We Need To Do To Ensure Dynamite Is A Global Success

Get In Comeback Mode

Preparing for a BTS comeback is basically a full time job. LOL. Read this post for tips on how to make Dynamite an epic comeback experience!

Get The Goal Posts In Mind

I-ARMY needs to be ready to help launch Dynamite into the stratosphere! Here’s a handy video with some key goals and numbers we’re looking to set! Let’s help BTS smash these records!

Get Your Wallet Ready

Ok, so we’re all set to stream on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music…but don’t forget to BUY a copy of the single! The Western music industry continues to disregard BTS’ substantial album sales, even going as far as to proclaim Taylor Swift as having the highest album sales, even though BTS outsold her by 2 million plus copies. As Dynamite is an English language single, we want it to have such a tremendous chart presence and such astronomical sales that its impact cannot be denied! Let’s support BTS with our time and money!

BTS’ Dynamite drops on August 21, 2020! What are you planning to do to prepare? Let me know in the comments!


See you next time! 


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  1. I am not big of BTS fan, just an early fan If I have to describe myself, but I am excited for this kinda of stuffs 🙂

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