What Nobody Tells You About Moving

Moving is an exciting, but stressful time. Moving to a new residence means there’s a lot to do to get ready, and there’s always something you feel like you forgot. With proper preparation and some of those sneaky tips, you can make moving a lot less stressful. Here’s what nobody tells you about moving. 

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Declutter First

It’s easy to tell yourself that you don’t have any clutter to get rid of, especially if your house is extra tidy at the moment, thanks to estate agent’s photos and viewings with potential buyers. In reality, you probably have more clutter than you think, whether it’s stuff packed into the back of cupboards that you haven’t seen for years, or toys and clothes the kids have grown out of. Don’t wait until you’re packing declutter, as it will packing take even longer. 

Before you put your house on the market, have a thorough clear out. It’ll be easier to keep the house tidy for viewings, and you’ll have less stuff to pack and move, meaning it will be quicker and could save you some money with the movers

Dismantle In Advance

It takes even longer than you might think to dismantle large pieces of furniture like beds and cots. It’s easy to find yourself stressed out and sweating, still trying to get the bed apart when the movers are due at any minute. 

To save this stress, dismantle the furniture as far in advance as you can. This might mean just putting your mattress on the floor for a few days, but it’s much easier than trying to take beds apart at the last minute.

For items like chests of drawers, if they are being taken apart, pack their contents and then take them apart immediately. Put all the crews into sandwich bags and label them clearly and either store them somewhere safe or attach them to the furniture, so you know which screws go with what.

Watch Your Purse

Moving day is usually chaotic. Chances are you’re taking your purse in and out of your bag a lot, whether it’s to pay the removal men, dash to the supermarket for emergency bin bags, or buying coffees for everyone. It’s all too easy in the chaos to lose your purse or put it down in the open where it could be stolen. Pack your purse and handbag, and instead put your cards, keys, phone, and some cash into a money belt, which will stay attached around your waist all day. That way, you always have your money to hand if you need it, won’t have to go searching for your purse, or risk having it stolen. You’ll also have your keys ready when you arrive at the new house and will have your phone safe and secure too. 

These three simple tricks can make moving day a lot less stressful, as you’ll be much better organized and ready for a busy, confusing day, whatever it throws at you. All that’s left is to unpack!


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