Have A Moovelous Holiday

What comes to mind when you think of exciting animal experiences? Do you imagine yourself swimming with dolphins or crossing the desert on a camel’s back? Ultimately, for a lot of people, the idea of exciting and animal adventures tend to refer to the epic discovery of fantastic beasts — not quite like J.K. Rowling’s incredible beasts, but somehow the idea of magical creatures is not far from your expectations. You wouldn’t think of visiting cows, would you? It’s a pity because you might find out a lot of exciting things when you’re on and about to discover the magnificent cows that bless the US with their presence. It’s time to wake your inner cowgirl and discover the natural beauty of this too often underestimate animal. Cows are, after all, one of the oldest domesticated animals and, there’s a good reason for it: They are more intelligent than we give them credit for, and, more importantly, they are valuable for life.

Take a Cowgirl break

America’s oldest mountains and hairiest cows

Start your journey in South Dakota, where the high prairie and some of the nation’s oldest mountains meet to create the perfect spot for wildlife. Sure, you will not find any tropical beast, but you’ll get plenty of the first animals that were once tamed by mankind. The bison, the hairy and powerful cows from the south, roam free in Custer State Park. If you stay at the Best Western Buffalo Ridge Inn in Custer, you’re only a short drive away from Dakota’s most famous national parks. Shut your eyes for a minute and listen to the sound of their hooves as they run in the prairie. If you listen closely, you can even feel the spirits of the old Native Indians. You can’t deny it; there’s something magical about the bison that links you back to the distant past of the nation.

The amazing sea cow you didn’t think about

The manatees are often called the cows of the sea. These large, aquatic herbivorous mammals are slow plant-eaters, which has earned them the nickname of cows. Between April and October, you can spot them in the waters of southeast Florida. They are very peaceful, and even though most manatees are used to human presence, it’s best not to try to touch them. They tend to swim towards people, so you might find yourself surrounded by playful manatees, even if you’re trying to observe them from a distance! Ultimately, they’ll teach you that speed isn’t everything in life!

Sure, are you ready to make new cow friends?

So, what are you waiting for to pack your luggage and discover the cowgirl side of the US? Unsure where to start? Picking a destination is the best part of your holiday planning! But if you want to make sure your cow-friendly exploration is productive, make sure to read about these extraordinary species. They’ve been long around before you have, and they’ve seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. That’s enough to make you humble.

In short, whichever cow steals your heart, it’s good to get some perspectives on life by going back to simple values. I can assure you that these fantastic creatures will moove you deeply when you get to know them.


See you next time!



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