How Do You Feel When You Enter Your Home?


We all experience various emotions through the day. Some are informed by our taste. They are the reason we choose various products over others. The packaging of one product might ring a bell with you, and it might not with another person. The same goes for our choice in homes. One set of decor and exterior design choices might make you feel a little uneasy, while another might make you wish to move in immediately. What matters is how your emotions respond when you enter your home, how well you are able to represent the personality of both yourself and your family, and how its functionality is presented and utilized.

How do you feel when you enter your home? From the moment of opening that garden gate and walking to your front door, to entering and being greeted by the hall. Would you say it’s an extension of yourself? Do you feel welcomed home in a loving, careful sense? Do you feel like you can relax? If not, why not? Might it be worthwhile to change this? If you feel like that’s a reasonable expectation, let us consider how you might improve this:


It can be worthwhile to consider how proud you feel of your home when walking up to your front door. Do you feel a sense of calm that everything is organized? How about the beautiful bright redness of your newly painted door? Might it be that if you live in a semi-rural area, renaming your house to something more appropriate for you and your family could be worthwhile? It might be worth checking if you are eligible for this. A lovingly crafted sign with your home name proudly displayed can put a smile to your face every time you walk past it. Might it also be that your garden path has carefully been laid down, no matter if it’s made with checkered bricks, large clean patio slabs, or has simply been renewed and powerwashed once more?

How unique do you feel your home is? Might you wish to repaint the window trimmings, or potentially once again repair the mailbox outside? Might it be worth trimming the hedges so things look tidy and neat? Feeling pride as you come from a hard day’s work can only motivate you to go out and work even more tomorrow, as you’ll see the fruits of your labor occurring all around you. That’s a healthy way to see your home.


Our gardens can be wonderfully creative should we give them a chance to bloom in a manner fitting with our tastes. For example, it might be that the flower arrangements, colors, and even textures of the petals can work into a beautiful landscape of blooming beauty, and this can help you feel the urge to be even more creative with your exterior space.

It might often feel that you are limited here if you have little space to work with, but it might be that you have more than it seems. Remember, height, layering, and the depths of the flower beds you implement can all be varied. But it’s not all about flowers. A simple implement or water feature, or perhaps a simple grass cutting design can go a long way to helping a home look truly vibrant and remarkable, and it’s by this metric that you might find yourself once again enjoying your home. A garden should be a place where you can feel escapism and presence in nature, and thus walking in it should help your worries and fears disintegrate, if only by a little.


You should feel that you are secure on your property, and that you are in the one place on Earth where you feel at home and safe. This is necessary, particularly if you hope to raise a family at some point. Your home security is, of course, not something that happens by accident. You need to ensure it. You might decide to implement security fencing around the perimeter. You might decide to implement more secure windows through double glazing, or install a camera system to ensure that would-be trespassers are deeply discouraged from moving further in.

This can also be quite necessary in semi-rural properties, because the openness of space can often mislead people to think that they have plenty of freedom and security by means of being a little remote. This can lead you to store your property outside, such as cable for a construction project in the home, or leaving your garage open. Keeping things well stored, locked and closed, especially your custom garage doors, until you need them can help you come home and feel as though everything is in its right place, and the home is protected.

With these tips, you’re sure to feel a range of positivity when entering your property.



  1. Thank you for sharing such valuable content! Home security is really very important.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I also suggest putting some plants all over the house. My house transformed when I added some of them. By the way, they’ve been shown to boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants — making for a healthier, happier you.

    1. Quite true! I also heard that ficuses are especially good at air purifying!

  3. Am I the only person who has always been interested in finding out what people smell when they enter my house? Every house has its smell.
    Here are some ways to make it pleasant and “cozy” for your guests and for you yourself:
    1. Ventilate the rooms daily.
    2. Change air conditioner filters regularly. Pros recommend doing it at least once every two months.
    3. Bake cookies with cinnamon or other spices.

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