No Doggy Day Care? 7 Tips For A Pet Friendly Vacation

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of packing up the car and getting ready to go on vacation. The kids are excited, you’re stressing in the best possible way and everyone is totally buzzing to be heading out for time away together. While all that excitement is going on, you’ve got your pets jumping around at your feet, feeding off your excitement and wondering what’s going on, too!

Your dog is a member of the family, and you make that clear everyday. Why, then, would you want to go ahead and put them into a boarding kennel for the duration of a family vacation, when there are so many better options out there? You can bring your dog with you to enjoy the break, spend time with you away from your workplace and generally make you feel as relaxed as possible. You may not like going anywhere without your dog, and why should you? There’s no reason you should have to leave them behind – and they deserve a fun holiday with the family, where they can feel loved and exercised as much as possible!

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You want to get the most out of your vacation, so while you’re researching airports that are pet friendly, think about how you can get the most out of your vacation while you’re away with your kids and the dog. You want places that your dog will get to get enough exercise, and you need to ensure that your accommodation accepts pets, too. Below, you’re going to find seven tips for the perfect pet friendly vacation for all of the family.

Check The Policy

You may have found airports that tolerate all dogs, but you may hit a wall when it comes to hotels. A lot of hotels refuse pets unless they are service pets, so it makes sense to go for a vacation rental home instead. Some pet friendly homes require additional deposits for the cost of cleaning up after your dog. Even if your pet is the cleanest on the block, they may still shed hair, rub up against furniture and scratch when you’re not looking. Pet friendly isn’t always specified in a description, so if you like a property, don’t make assumptions that you can bring your dog. That is the sort of thing that could make your whole vacation go downhill very quickly. Checking the pet policy before you pay out any money is the best thing that you can do for yourself, and you should do it early.

Pet Passport, Please

Your pet cannot tell anyone their name, only you can do that. If you haven’t had your dog covered with the right identification, you risk a Homeward Bound scenario on your vacation, where the pet goes missing! You can tag or microchip your dog before you go, because if on your walk he goes a little off the beaten path and gets lost, you can still find him. As well as that, you also need to ensure that if he gets into bother and needs to be taken to the vet for whatever reason, you need him to have the right ID on him so that you can be reunited. He will need a pet passport, too, so get that sorted early to avoid complications.

Medical Information

When you travel, you need to make sure that your pet has his vaccinations and these are all up to date. Providing medical records may be mandatory by the people that you rent your vacation home from, and you don’t want to have to scramble around for that appointment. Plus, it’s always handy to have the paperwork to hand for your vacation in case of an emergency visit to the vets. Depending on where you travel, some vaccines are considered to be mandatory and you need to lower the exposure to a disease where possible.

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Pet Carriers

Sometimes, it’s so exciting to get to the vacation spot that packing the pets’ essentials goes right out of your mind. You’re busy packing for yourself and the kids, never mind the dog. However, they need their carriers, food, toys, leashes, doggy bags and other necessary supplies so that your vacation is as comfortable as possible. Your dog may also have a special blanket for the car that you use, so bring that – especially if you are using a rental car. It can be a way to keep your pet calm when they’re traveling, as they can smell home. Carriers are also a good idea because there will be times you’ll need to leave your dog alone – and they need that time alone, too! A carrier can make them feel safe and keep them from hurting themselves if they get frightened.

Pet Sitters

Wherever you go on vacation, find a reputable pet sitting option. They can feed, walk and spend time with your dog if you are headed out for a theme park day or a day trip that isn’t suitable for your dog to be a part of. Your dog won’t feel lonely when you’re gone if they have a ready made playmate who is happy to get involved.

Dog Parks

When you researched your vacation spot, did you remember to think about where you can take the dog and let him off his leash? Perhaps a Google before you go is a good idea? Your dog is just as happy as you are to explore a new area, and if you make sure that you’ve looked at the right parks and beaches, you can be reassured that you are able to let him off the leash without any issues.


You need to make sure that you are confident that your pet will behave if you bring them on vacation. Not everyone enjoys animals, and as you would ensure the children behave while away, you need to do the same for your dog. Make sure that your dog isn’t going to jump at small children or dogs, or bark and yelp while you’re trying to eat dinner in an open air setting – behavior is key!



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  4. Our society has a long way to go before it becomes reasonably pet friendly because not everybody is comfortable having animals around. Fortunately there are some airports and airlines that are very pet friendly. Pet and pet friendly hotels have also emerged. So you are right, one must do their research about pet friendly places when they plan for the vacation. Or get a tested and experienced house sitter while we are away.

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