Preparing Your Home for the Coming Spring Storms

A terrible Winter is almost over. But the warmer season brings its own problems. Preparing your home for the coming Spring storms can be done in advance, or you could face severe issues.

Tropical wind storm blowing palm trees – Image Courtesy of Pixabay
Check Your Drainage

Your home’s drainage system includes wastewater from your bathrooms and kitchen. But it also provides water runoff from your roof and gutters. Storms can severely damage your roofing and gutter systems, so check them for issues before a storm arrives. Of course, you shouldn’t try roofing yourself, and companies like Bravo Roofing are experts at repairing your roof. But you can perform most gutter work yourself. For example, unclog your gutters before a storm hits so any excess water can drain properly.

Install Surge Protection

Thunderstorms are the most prevalent in Spring. In addition to wind and water damage, lightning can cause significant issues in your home. If lightning strikes close or even hits your house, the excess electrical power can destroy your home electronics. Your TVs and computers are at a higher risk of becoming damaged by a power surge. Fortunately, you can purchase surge protection sockets very cheaply. Surge protectors divert any electricity of a higher than the required voltage. So, your electrical items won’t suffer a blowout during a high current.

Secure Loose Furniture

Depending on where you live, wind speeds can become apocalyptic. For example, Florida in the United States is often hit by hurricanes with an average wind speed of 150 mph. But even the UK is often hit by high wind speeds during rainstorms, causing floods and severe damage to trees, cars, and power lines. Because wind speeds become so high, loose furniture becomes missiles when thrown by anything above a gale. You can increase safety by tying down anything that can become loose and moving what you can inside your home until the storm passes.

Protect Doors and Windows

When taking refuge in your home during a terrible storm, the last thing you want is dangerous glass and wood flying across the room. Your windows and doors can succumb to damage from missiles or being blown in if wind speeds get high enough. You can make your home safer by protecting doors and windows with simple devices. Storm doors and window covers will help prevent them from being blown inwards. And they add an extra layer of protection from incoming missiles. Otherwise, you could face an expensive door and window repair bill.

Prepare for the Worst

Even the best-laid plans can go wrong. And during a storm, it’s not beyond reality that someone will be injured. Even worse, your home could become severely damaged, and you might be without utilities for some time. However, you can prepare for the worst by stocking essentials. First aid kits, water, and canned foods you can eat without heating are always a good idea. But you can also go a step further with some backup power generators and gas bottles. Camping skills can be a massive help while you wait for help or find yourself in an unlivable home.


During Spring, the mixture of hot and cold air causes severe storms. But you can get ahead of weather damage with adequate drainage, surge protection, and stocking up on essentials.



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