Soften Your Wardrobe With These Ballerina Inspired Pieces

ballerina inspired

Hey Socialites! Random fact about me: I grew up doing ballet, and continued to dance well into adulthood, thanks to classes in college, and sweaty, challenging barre workouts! While the days of tutus and tights are now long over for me, I continue to watch Svetlana Zakharova YouTube videos on a weekly basis, or dust off my New York City Ballet workout DVD when the mood strikes. Aside from loving the beauty and elegance of ballet, I always get a little inspiration for my look as well! Read on for my tips on incorporating ballerina inspired pieces into your wardrobe!

ballerina inspiredGet my look: Sweater (Similar) | Bag | Jeans | Heels

Think Pink!

Ok, so the first thing anyone thinks when they think ballerina style is pink (and they’d be right!) Yes it’s cliche, but when it comes down to it, all shades of pink associated with ballet are just so dang pretty and feminine! What’s not to love? Pink is one of those colors that tends to be universally flattering on all skin tones. It brings out rosiness in your cheeks, and adds a youthful glow to the skin. I have yet to see a skin tone (or undertone) that doesn’t look great in pink, and contrary to popular belief, redheads can pull off pink, and they look fabulous doing so. The key to incorporating pink without looking too childlike or like you’ve been hosed down in Pepto Bismol (to quote Steel Magnolias ?) is to keep it simple. Add a pink top, but pair it with slacks in a neutral or muted shade, or wear denim. Add a pop of pink color with your shoes or your bag, or a nice statement necklace. Scroll through the widget below for a collection of ballerina inspired tops, pants, and dresses!

Wrap It Up

If you’ve ever been in a practice studio, you know that it is always so dang cold until you warm up. This is the reason why dancers wear leg warmers and multiple layers! My favorite ballet warm up piece is the wrap sweater, and this is the easiest piece to transition into your daily wardrobe!

Wrap sweaters are figure flattering because they usually tie at the waist which nips you in and visibly accents and slims the waist area. Wrap sweaters really draw attention to the neck and décolletage areas, which are associated with feminine beauty. The wrap feature usually makes the neckline of the sweater adjustable to your personal level of modesty: You can close it higher up, or choose to let a little cleavage show. Lastly, wrap sweaters are usually made from cashmere or any other type of super soft fabric!

ballerina inspiredWearing a wrap sweater in…Pink! lol

Tulle is the Rule

Who can forget Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu-esque skirt in the opening segment of Sex and the City? A good tulle skirt (or one made of chiffon, organza, etc.) can get a lot of mileage in your wardrobe; a fact that surprises many. These ballerina inspired skirts can be worn with sweaters and pearls, a good blazer, or even a tough motorcycle jacket!

ballerina inspired

Choose Nude

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Cool fact: Pointe shoes (the shoes dancers wear to dance on their toes) are not usually a pastel pink, but are more of a peachy nude shade. To really rock the ballerina inspired look, stick with nude heels and flats. Nude colored shoes complement just about any outfit choice, and help legs look crazy long since there is no color to break the flow of the leg line. Designers finally got hip to the fact that nude technically needs to come in a variety of shades, and Christian Louboutin makes gorgeous shoes ranging from the palest nude to the darkest brown!

Cozy Legs & Feet

Just like the wrap sweater, leg warmers are a warm up essential for ballerinas! While leg warmers were acceptable for daily street wear in the 80’s, they’d be hard to pull off today outside of the studio. Fortunately for those who love the ballerina inspired look, cozy socks of all lengths are huge right now, and if you stick to softer hues (pale pink, charcoal, beige) and chunky knit textures, you will totally pull of the dancer look!

Put Your (Flat) Foot Forward

Ballerina flats are such a practical closet must have, and they are never going to go out of style! You can pull off the ballerina look by sticking with pale neutrals (ivory/bone, gray, blush, nude) and choosing pairs with a bow or other flirty embellishments. I’ve rounded up a few of my faves in the widget below!


The ballerina inspired look is easy to achieve: Just think pastel colors, soft textures, and delicate finishes. Stick with neutral and polished makeup (pink blush is a must! ?), and add a high bun for the Piéce De Rèsistance! You’ll be leaping into the best dress list in no time!



See you next time!


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