What Jobs Do Good AND Pay Well?

Having a job is just a reality of life — unless we’re one of those lucky, independently wealthy people, we’re going to need to spend our days working if we want to pay our bills. Many people, lacking a direction, look for a job that’ll pay them enough for a comfortable and occasionally luxurious lifestyle. It’s only later that they wish they’d chosen jobs that made a positive difference to the world, not just a positive difference to their individual world. Fortunately, these two interests – doing good and getting paid – are not mutually exclusive. There are plenty of jobs that provide both, as we’ll see below.

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Planning the Environment

The world is heading into unknown territory. Whether we like it or not, climate change is a reality, and it’s going to bring with it a whole host of new problems. There’ll be issues with water, food, housing — essentially, all the basics of life. As such, we’ll need people who know how to figure out how to solve these issues, people who can look at the problems that a city is facing and come up with better ways of doing things. The demand for environmental engineers will grow exponentially in the years to come, and will both do good and be well paid.  

Anything Healthcare

It’s hard to think of a profession that does more good than any role related to healthcare. Its sole mission is to improve the lives of people; how many other industries can say that? While it’s always a good time to get involved in healthcare, now is especially recommended, because the demand for healthcare professionals is due to balloon in the coming years. You don’t need to be a doctor to be paid well, either. Nurses can attract a high salary, and especially so if they have an online masters in nursing. If you like helping people in a direct way and want to get paid well to do so, then this could be the right career for you.

Starting a Business

Now, let’s not make any mistake — starting a business isn’t a one-track path towards having a positive influence on the world. Many companies actually have a net-negative impact on society. However, the world has been pushed in the right direction for certain companies, who can solve a problem or correct the damaging aspects of other businesses. If you have an issue that you’re passionate about, then you can take a look at eradicating it through business. It’s challenging, rewarding, well-paying (potentially), and can do a lot of good for the world.

Law Matters

We tend to think of lawyers in, well, unfavorable terms. But this might be a mistake. There are plenty of lawyers who make a positive impact in the world. Indeed, many of the positive changes involve the work of lawyers! If you want to make a big impact, look at getting involved with the law behind human rights, civil rights, and environmental issues. It’s a great way to nudge the world in the right direction.  




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