The Best Fragrances For Any Busy Home


Anyone who has a busy family home will know that a complete mix of odors and fragrances can sometimes take over in the air. For instance, the kids could end up quite dirty while playing outside and might bring a smell of mud or soil into the house with them. If you have pets, then you will be all too familiar with the scent of wet dog or cat. Plus, some building issues, such as rising damp, can bring their own unpleasant scents with them too.

Thankfully, though, you don’t have to wait for these foul odors to disappear on their own. There are some ways you can get rid of them quite quickly. One way is to mask them with some much more pleasant scents. Here are a few of the best fragrances to fill your rooms with.


Cedarwood is a very popular essential oil and you will find that the oil can be bought so you can add it to your home fragrance machines for those times you need a quick burst of fragrance around the house! There are a few different benefits of cedarwood. Not only will the oil help freshen up the air in your home, but the fragrance is also believed to increase the production of serotonin in the body too.


When you buy vanilla essence, it often comes in different strengths. Bear this in mind as you don’t want to buy one that is too sweet – it could be quite nauseating or the sweetness might make you very hungry all the time! Vanilla is a great fragrance for living rooms as it can help you unwind every evening while you are watching the TV.



You might already recognize bergamot if you love Earl Grey tea. That’s because it is the main flavoring in that particular type of tea. But you don’t just have to drink it – you can actually buy quite a few room sprays that are flavored with essence of bergamot. It’s a very fresh scent that can really liven up a dining room so it’s all ready for your next dinner party!

Citrus Fruits

Do you think that your bathroom could do with a spot of freshening up? If so, you might want to give it a spritz with some citrus fruit oils. Lemon or tangerine would work very well in this room. You can buy the oil to add to your scent diffuser, or you could simply make your own room spray by slicing some lemons and oranges and placing the slices in a bottle of water. Shake the bottle and then leave it for a few days to give the fragrance from the fruit chance to mix in with the water.


If you have been finding it difficult to get to sleep lately, you should try using some lavender essence. Again, this can come in an oil suitable for a scent machine for your bedroom. Just turn the machine on and let the fragrance drift out as you fall asleep.

Which scent will you go for?


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