The Ultimate Back To School Shopping Guide

It’s August…Summer is coming to an end, fashion is transitioning into Fall, and kids are going back to school (every mom reading this is silently squealing in glee!) I remember back-to-school time being so exciting, because it meant new supplies, new friends, and most importantly: new clothes! I used to pick out that one perfect outfit for the first day back, and I wouldn’t even be able to sleep, just imagining myself looking fierce! In honor of those fond memories of back-to-school shopping, I’ve curated a collection of stylish and affordable selections to send you back to school looking fab! ?
1. Jeans. Distressed denim will still be big this Fall, but Boyfriend Jeans and Stovepipe Straight Leg jeans will be huge, as denim trends of the 90s are really making a comeback. If you’re adventurous, try to snag a pair of embroidered jeans, as they’re going to be trending as well!

2. Forever 21. The current top selection is insane, and checks all the current style boxes: cold shoulder ✔️; lace-ups ✔️; super slouchy knits ✔️; and mesh ✔️. I love Forever 21 because $100 can go pretty far due to their affordable pricing, and the quality is pretty good. My advice: pay close attention to the wash instructions on the label, and hang everything up to dry.  It will last longer!

3. Slides. I’ll be fair and say that Mules and Slides have always had a fan base, but Gucci really sparked a trend when they introduced the Princetown slides a few years ago. Next thing I knew, every brand had their own version, spanning across every price point! Slides are still  going to be huge this Fall, and they are a comfortable and stylish type of shoe that work well with many outfit pairings.

4. Cardigans. No longer the staple of the tech savvy and the ladies-who-lunch set, Cardigans have become really cute, and are the necessary piece to achieving that cozy chic look. You see it all over Instagram: the jeans, the spaghetti strap tank, the messy bun, and the oversized cardigan! Once deemed #basic, this look is now just cute. Nordstrom has a great selection this year, which I’m linking below. Stock up on multiple colors and you’ll have so many interchangable outfit options. (Pumpkin Spice Latte not included! ?)

5. Millennial Pink. So…”adults” have been crazy about Blush this past S/S, but the younger set is wild about Millennial Pink, an ironic shade that can best be described as…grapefruit??? I don’t get it, but I’m old, so that’s that. Either way, I’ve linked it here for you! Other colors that will still be big are Olive, Burgandy, metallics, and yellow.

6. Athleisure. Once a style that reflected healthy lifestyle choices, athleisure has now become the new casual for both sexes. I think the popularity comes from athleisure brands creating attire that is durable and comfortable, while showing off the body in a flattering way. I see more and more teens and school aged kids wearing yoga pants, athletic leggings, and the like, and I don’t think they’re going to stop anytime soon!

7. Boohoo. Similar to Forever 21, just located across the pond! Boohoo is a one stop shop for your total look, from the outfit, to the shoes, to the bag, to the jewelry. The affordable price point makes shopping easy for teens who are buying clothes with their own afterschool job pay.

8. Booties. I love these with the aforementioned distressed skinnies, messy bun, and cozy cardigan. Seriously though, booties work with everything from dresses, leather moto leggings, jeans, you name it!

9. Hair Tools. Don’t let bad hair days make you late for the bus!!! When it comes to hair, the best tools do tend to be a splurge, but high wattage and even heat distribution are essentials for getting you out of the door on time!

See ya next time!

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  1. Love those Sam Edelman leopard mules!!! ?

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