Weird Dog Behaviors And What They Actually Mean

Dogs can sometimes display some strange behaviors. And, many times, owners have no idea how to interpret them. But if you want to have a happy relationship with your dog, you need to understand what they are trying to communicate with you.
In this post, we take a look at some weird dog behaviors and what they mean. Check them out below.

weird dog behaviors

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Weird Dog Behaviors: Excessive Lip Licking 

Sometimes, you’ll notice dogs are licking their lips excessively. Mostly, they do this when they are feeling uncertain about something or stressed. If they are around dogs of the opposite sex, it could also be sexual behavior.


Many dog owners have been woken up by the sound of their pooches howling to the high heavens. Often, it sounds like a prolonged “oooh!” sound.  Dogs usually do this if they feel lonely. They also do it to announce their presence to other dogs and people in their environment. Shorter howls are generally positive and indicate excitement, whereas longer howls suggest more negative or territorial feelings. Some dogs may also howl because they want to mimic sounds that they have heard. 

Flicking Ears

weird dog behavior

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When dogs flick their ears, it means that they are listening for something. Often, they do it if they hear an unfamiliar sound that they haven’t come across before.

Weird Dog Behaviors: Wrinkled Muzzle

If dogs wrinkle their muzzles, it means that they are angry or aggressive. Many times, it means that they are getting ready to bite. It’s a warning that they may attack at any time.

You can keep their mouths busy by using soft chews for dogs. These may help to distract them or keep them calm when introducing them to new people for the first time. 

Belly Exposure

When dogs display their bellies, it usually means that they are in a playful or excited mood. Often it is an indication that they trust you, since they are willing to make themselves more vulnerable around you.

Raised Paws

weird dog behaviors

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If you notice your pup raising its paws towards you, it is usually a sign that they are ready to play or they want something from you. For instance, when puppies are young, they will often raise their paws to touch their mothers when they want more milk. It is likely that dogs take this behavior into adulthood to ask humans to do the same thing.


Sometimes, you may observe your pooch hunched over or crouching low, as if they are trying to sneak around. Crouching is a sign that your dog feels insecure or nervous. It is also a sign that they are getting ready to hunt and have found some prey. Modern dogs will rarely hunt of their own volition – unless they are extremely hungry. However, you may see this type of behavior at places like the park where there are other creatures around.

Weird Dog Behaviors: Walking In Circles Before Lying Down

Many animals walk in circles before lying down. Usually, it is just a tactic for finding the most comfortable place to rest. Dogs try to lie down without hurting their bodies.


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