Tame Your Troubled Teens


There is one part of raising children that very few parents look forward to – their kids becoming teenagers. This is largely down to the poor reputation that most teenagers have. When we think of teens, we often think of very moody and lazy individuals who often get up to a lot of mischief. But that doesn’t mean that your teens need to always be unruly – there are in fact a few things you can do to tame and control them. Here are a few things you might want to try.

Set Boundaries

It will really pay off to set some firm boundaries very early on. This way, your teenagers will know exactly what is expected from them. For instance, you might want to set a time that they need to be back by every evening. The earlier you have these boundaries in place, then the quicker they will get used to them and they won’t be quite as likely to rebel against them.

Consider Using Tracking Software

Do you often worry about where your teenager goes and what they are getting up to when they go out each evening? Or perhaps you aren’t too pleased about the people they choose to hang out with? Well, there is one way you can track them and check what they are getting up to You just need to use the software that Family Orbit have on offer. Once it is installed, you will be able to see your child’s whereabouts and see their call and text message history.

Use Your Empathy

It’s always wise to try to use your empathy when discussing issues with your teens. This shows that you aren’t patronising them or telling them off just for the sake of it. It also shows that you are trying to see things from their point of view too, which they will really respect and appreciate.


Encourage Open And Transparent Communication At All Times

It’s always important that your family encourage open communication at all times. This will allow your teens to reach out to you whenever they have any problems or issues that they want to talk about with someone. If they bottle up all of their negative thoughts and emotions, then there is a larger chance of them lashing out and rebelling against you. When you do talk with your teen, you should also encourage them to solve their problems themselves. It’s still good to help and support them, but don’t do everything for them or else they could end up feeling like they have no independence.

Understand It’s Probably Just A Phase

Of course, most teenagers go through an unruly phase, so don’t assume that your child’s misbehaving is a character trait. During our teenage years, hormones are raging around our body and these are usually the culprit behind mood swings and bad behavior. Your teen should calm down after a few years and reach adulthood.

Raising teenagers can be very testing, but these tips should help you get through it!


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