Confession: I’m An Adult Black Woman, and I Love K-pop!


Ok, I said it! I’m a black woman, and I love K-pop! Let me just make a few disclaimers before we begin: I’m aware of the dissonance between being a middle aged adult and enjoying music made by (sometimes) prepubescent looking young adults who sing in a language I don’t understand. I’m also aware of longstanding racist at worst, stereotypical at best beliefs some KoreansRead Now

Keeping The Faith In Low Places


*This post was originally published on 9/4/2017 and updated on 2/7/2019* If you’ve watched the news at any point over the last few weeks, you’re probably exhausted from listening to anchors and pundits discuss government shutdowns, the state of the union, and hot button topics about abortion and sexual orientation. On a personal level, so many of my friends and family are in their ownRead Now

5 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends I’m Loving


Hi Socialites! If you’ve been waiting for more personal style posts, get ready! I’ve been doing a little shopping for the Fall/Winter season, as well as editing my closet and bringing back some of my favorite sweaters and boots from last season that are still on trend for this year. Perks of all this wardrobe curating? Seeing all of the fabulous Fall/Winter fashion trends outRead Now

10 Nineties Trends We Love Right Now


The 90’s are like totally back y’all! Yaaaassss…the era of Clueless, Half Baked, Cruel Intention, and The Craft! A time when fashion ranged from preppy, to stoner, to evil Catholic Schoolgirl, to Juicy velour tracksuits and Manolo Blahnik Timbs (late 99’s-early 2000’s) Whew child…the nineties trends were such a mixed bag! ? Image Source In terms of fashion, the 90’s are often overlooked in favor ofRead Now

4 Ways To Incorporate Menswear Into Your Look à la Blake Lively in A Simple Favor

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On rare occasions, a piece of cinema transcends being just a film, and becomes gesamtkunstwerk: German for total work of art. Films like Rear Window, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and arguably Clueless (leave 90’s fashion off my list? As If!) are just as well known for their sartorial impact as they are for their plot. While the newly released (9/14/2018) “A Simple Favor” was, in myRead Now

Publix: My Favorite One-Stop-Shop for All Things Home & Family


Hey y’all!  If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know by now that my ultimate addiction (outside of coffee) is shopping! Nothing makes me feel better than scoring a major deal in a store, or clicking add to cart…know what I mean? As a busy wife and mom, I have to make the most of my shopping time, and make sure that myRead Now

Back To Campus Trends That Are Too Cool For School

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Semesters are back in session ladies, and that means it’s time to pick out a brand new wardrobe for your classes. If you’re in college, getting your new outfits together is definitely one of the best parts of preparing to head back to campus. It makes shopping for your books just a little more bearable. So, let’s look at some of the best outfits thatRead Now

7 Minute Calorie Burner Bootcamp

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Hey Socialites! Every now and then, life smacks you in the face. For me, it’s the fact that I have a lot of sponsored travel coming up, and my stomach and thighs are in need of their own zip code. Ha! GIF from Badumtuss GIFs Seriously though…there’s nothing like being faced with a tropical climate as motivation for getting into [somewhat decent] shape. The problemRead Now